Here’s how it works:
  • Send a copy of your sheet music to
  • Include instructions for tempo, including metronome markings if you can
  • Let me know if you want the piece recorded in its current key, an alternate one, or multiple keys
  • I’ll email you an mp3 of the recording
  • Payment can be made by direct deposit
Prices are:

1 piece – $18

2 pieces – $35

3 pieces – $50

4 pieces – $65

5 pieces – $80

For 6 or more pieces, I’d be happy to give you a quote. The more you want recorded, the more economical it will be.

If you need your recordings in a hurry, please give me a call so I can let you know how quickly I can have them done by.

Pre-made tracks:

Here is a list of tracks that I have already recorded.  These can be purchased for only $6 each.  The list will be updated frequently, so check back often.


Jason Robert Brown – Moving Too Fast

John Bucchino – That Smile

Robert Schumann – Widmung