Adrian has accompanied a range of artists – classical flautists, contemporary singers, rock bands, jazz ensembles, music theatre performers and even ballet dancers. Whatever the music type, and no matter the complexity, he’s more than capable of supporting your next performance.

Musical Direction

Currently working as the Assistant Musical Director on Matilda the Musical, Adrian has experience with the music theatre industry’s top performers. He has also musically directed a number of productions himself, and always gets the highest quality performances from those under his command.

Vocal Coaching

Adrian has helped a number of singers develop their performance pieces and get the most out of their voices. While not strictly a singing teacher, he can help you with tweaks, pitfalls to watch out for, and the interpretation of lyrics. Adrian is also fluent in German and can provide expert help with pronunciation for singers.

Audition Preparation

Playing for music theatre is what Adrian does the most of, and, having worked on a number of professional productions, he knows how to give you the best chance at your next audition. Along with vocal coaching, Adrian can help you with song selection, transposition, recording backing tracks, cutting pieces down to fit a required length, and anything else you need to prepare for an audition.


While most recently Adrian has been performing in a pit orchestra, he also has plenty of experience in other ensembles, like big bands, rock bands and intimate jazz groups. Also, should your next performance require some interaction with the pianist, Adrian isn’t shy about getting involved!


Adrian is a firm believer in getting it right the first time. An extremely accomplished sight reader, you can just hand him the music and press record. Of course, for anything more intricate, you can be sure that by the time he comes to the studio, it’ll be note-perfect.

Backing Track Creation

In an ideal world, anybody wanting a backing track recorded would be able to book in an appointment and go through the piece in person to make sure it was exactly as they wanted. However, we don’t always have the luxury of being close to someone we work easily with, or sometimes we’re just too rushed to find the time. Adrian has the facilities to make this much easier for you: email him the sheet music and instructions on tempo, whether you want the key changed, etc., and he’ll email you back an mp3 of the piece so you can get working on it sooner. MORE DETAILS


Adrian brings a wealth of knowledge to his teaching and is able to draw on a large number of styles to find a teaching method that suits every student. A practitioner of the Russian Technique, he can provide you with a sound basis for a lifetime of tension and injury free piano playing.